:F requently
:A sked
:Q uestions

Thanks for your inquiries in the past.
Origami Club has been posted hundreds of e-mails
through the mail form.
We would like to answer your frequently asked questions here.

How can I be a member of Origami Club?

Origami Club is NOT a membership system web site.
All origami works are provided for everyone for free.
Don't even try to subscribe it.

Q2. Do you have a work of (xxxxx) origami?
Please, do browse carefully the pages, first. (because you may find it.)
If you can not find what you want, you are able to request it.
However, we can not guarantee you to create the one for you.
Thanks for your co-operation.

Q3. Can I please use a diagram/animation for teaching?
You are welcomed to use diagrams and animations of our web site as long as you state our copyright.
But we do not permit to reprint for merchandise and commercial purpose.
If you are planning so, please contact us.

Q4. Can you make a cartoon character origami?

NO. This is absolutely not allowed to.
Every cartoon character is protected by copyright law.
Therefore, we do not create any cartoon characters such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Pikachu...etc.

Can I link to Origami Club?
Yes, of course you can.
You don't have to let us know, but reporting would be appreciated. More details are here.